September 18, 2012

Thank you everyone!

We want to thank the audience who came to see us and we sincerely hope you all enjoyed our performance. The show was almost sold out. It's been wonderful to see how much audience Ek Kahani - Love Story has gathered so far. As director, it's been inspiring to hear the reactions of the audience during the show; how they empathised the play. The whole cast was happy to hear all the positive feedback after the show. Truly, it gives us strengh to keep going, organizing more Bollywood dance events for you.

Many have asked, will there be another Ek Kahani show? Anything is possible!

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners Cultural Centre Caisa, Café Caisa, Sisustusmaalaus Värinä, Tao Bazar, Finnish-Indian Society and Vissu Entertainments for making the show possible. Special thanks goes to our photographers: Nita Vera, Ilkka Roitto and Alejandro Lorenzo. Your beautiful work truly inspires us to give our best. Also big thanks to our videographers Antti Suvilehto and Aki Flink for capturing the show.

Reetta Flink
The director of the play

September 14, 2012

Last day before the performance!

We hope you are ready because the Big Day is tomorrow!! :) 

The whole team, cast and crew, are excited and happy. We can't wait for tomorrow. It's going to be great!

Do you have your tickets? You can still get them in advance from Tiketti before tomorrow noon, or then at the venue in Caisa starting at 5 pm.

Just before the performance, we want to share with you these funny pictures of the lovely leading couple. See you all tomorrow! :) 

Pictures by: Nita Vera

September 13, 2012

Interview with our energic and funny Pappu - Sivakumar Karuppusamy

Sivakumar Karuppusamy is a student and an entrepreneur who's been living in Finland for past 7 years. He loves backpacking, exploring different cultures and countries. His passions are street art and theater. Apart from acting the role of Pappu ín our play, Siva has worked together with Reetta Flink and Ilona Kolachana for BollywoodFrost Entertaiment.

- You are the founder or one of the founders of BollywoodFrost. How and what of Indian culture are you bringing to Finland?

- BollywoodFrost is more of my dream project since it brings here the culture in which I have grown up. With BollywoodFrost, I started being a DJ and playing music around an Indian theme. India has more than 78 languages and there is so much sensational and beautiful music out there... Also I am planning to do more fusion music, for instance African mixed with Indian or Latin mixed with Indian. The world is mixing, so why not the music! I have already performed in two music events, but there still is a long way to go and I feel that I am improving all the time. I am also interested to screen Indian movies in Finland and organize some adventure tourism in India (something like visiting beautiful Indian village and explore the real culture rather staying in tourist spots). Check out The BollywoodFrost website and like us on facebook!

- You will play the part of Pappu, the best friend of the main character Amit, in "Ek Kahani". Have you acted earlier in your life? Are you nervous about the approaching show? 

- I acted in school and during college days for fun. I have never been afraid of being in the spotlight! 

- People say you have a great, loud voice - how come? Have you taken singing lessons earlier? 

- My school teacher told me quite often to shut my mouth... I never listened to her... maybe that helps now! 

- What are your thoughts on "Ek Kahani"? What do you think it means to people who are onstage, to people who are in the audience? 

- I don't think much. I simply want to feel the character and do my role. I really enjoy doing it. 

- Tell us more about yourself!

- I am a serial entrepreneur full of ideas and I am a master student at the Aalto university. I love the feeling of transforming ideas into reality which also could help someone. I love travelling, mostly in a hippie way, and of course usual Indian stuff; yoga and mediation along with drinking and partying. Even though I feel sometimes I do not fit in the Finnish culture, deep inside me I have great love for Finland. On the other hand I feel sometimes reverse culture shock from India. I don't know to where I belong to... maybe to the world!

Interviewer: Laura Kunnas

September 12, 2012

The Dress Rehearsals

This Saturday, the dress rehearsals of "Ek Kahani" continued late in the night. Everyone is practicing hard to make the play perfect, and in my opinion, it's starting to look really good. Of course, no one forgets to have fun too! Here we give you a glimpse into the rehearsals and a couple of short interviews. Enjoy! :)

Interviewer: Laura Kunnas
Camera: Laura Kunnas / Reetta Flink
Editing: Reetta Flink

September 10, 2012

Interview with Arti Sudhindra - the Strong Mother

Although Arti Sudhindra was born in Karnataka, South India, her roots are in Rajasthan - the land of colors. Dancing became her passion ever since she was a child, and over the years, she has been into dancing, choreographing, performing, and acting. She also hosted a TV show on the local channels in a few cities of South India. 

Arti came to Finland in 2008. She was thrilled to see the Bollywood -love people have in here, and so she decided to contribute to it. 
Currently the lovely Arti Sudhindra works as a freelancer dance teacher, choreographer and performer. Apart from dancing, she enjoys spending time with her family, good humour, rain, snow, listening to soothing music, and many other things!... 

- You are a great dancer - I've seen! - and a popular dancing teacher. Can you tell us more about your career, where did it all start and how did you continue? 

- Well, thank you for the kind words! I am grateful to all the students who have shown interest and trust by choosing my lessons. Talking about my career, I am a graduate in Fashion Designing, but that has nothing to do with my career. I worked as a customer service manager, then as a Business development executive. I was working as a senior quality executive in my previous job back in India, and then I decided to take up the role of a mother, so if you see, there is not really any obvious connection. 

One thing that remained connected to me throughout was Dancing. My mom says I started dancing since I learned to walk. I would like to share something, the memory is still fresh in my mind. I was studying in 2nd standard and was going to participate in the first ever dance competition at my school. My parents got me a new dance costume, choose lovely Rajasthani (North Indian) music for me and guided me throughout; they taught me how to utilize the stage, how much important the expressions are and that above all it is the confidence that makes it a better performance. I just followed what they taught... I won the first place in my first dance competition and it just continued from then on, so it's my parents who laid the foundation and the spark of Dance in me. There was always encouragement from my brothers and sister too. I never realized when it became my passion. I am equally thankful to my husband Sudhi, who continued to encourage me to keep up my passion. after marriage. 

- What does dancing mean to you?

- Dancing to me honestly means Passion, Meditation, therapy, a friend, a stress buster, a great way of expression. I feel it is very important to have the expressions and the confidence. And for that, you have to belive in yourself first.

- You are not only a performer, but a teacher as well. Tell us your thoughts about teaching dancing to others!

- Everyone is a dancer in a way. They realize it when they find the right tune or a music that brings out that dancer in them. Teaching is important for those who wants to take it to the next level. 

- You will be playing the role of the Mother in "Ek Kahani". What do you think the show means for both those onstage and those in the audience? 

- "Ek Kahani" is an event which has changed a part of life for all those connected to it right from the Director to the Extras. It has helped many of us realize our potentials, strengths and weaknesses, added confidence; it's like a baby, when it comes home, you realize so much about yourself and the world around you and then you get so used to it, you start to think how well you can help her grow! And that's what I strongly feel each of us is thinking at the moment - to grow it, and us, to reach the next level… 
Picture by Saija Helin

- What else do you do in life; what are your favorite things, your hobbies, your dreams?
- I am a mother of two, I try in all possible ways to spend as much time as I can with my babies and my hubby. Some of the common interests I share with my kids are swimming, watching the moon, and enjoying the snow, rain, and walks… Not to forget playing with Barbie, haha! Hmmm. My dreams are to learn skiing, go scuba diving, and swim with dolphins! But most of all I want to see my kids confident, and be the best in their careers, and be good citizens when they grow up. I think that will make me feel I have achieved everything in life! 
I have already said so much but one thing I definatly want to share is my mantra: "Nothing is Impossible! you just have to decide what you want!" 

Interviewer: Laura Kunnas

September 9, 2012

Video Interview during Ek Kahani practice

 Hi again, 

We all knew that Ek Kahani team is working hard to put up the great show again in Helsinki on Sep 15th 2012 @ Caisan Sali, Helsinki. 
So we thought of holding some persons from the practice session to share their views on the show. It is really fun for me to be with this energetic team.

In this video you can witness the experiences of Manish, Laura and Saurabh, who seem to be having much fun during the practice session. 

You can book the event tickets in advance @ 
Camera (wo)man : Laura Kunnas

Blogger: Vimal Raj A @

September 4, 2012

Interview with Sudhindra B.S. - our dazzling hero

Sudhindra B.S. hails from the pub city Bangalore. After acting in many productions and on various occasions in India, we are honored to have him play the male lead of "Ek Kahani".

- If I understood right, you have acted quite a lot before. Please tell us more about your career? 

- I was quite active in my acting career during and a little after my graduation. I acted in the Rangantharanga theater club, and performed as major characters in more than 10 theater shows. I had won several awards for acting shows but closest to my heart is the National Award I won in the 1993 Anveshan Fest for Mono Acting. I also had an opportunity to direct a few plays in the inter-university competitions. I have compered shows, and also was narrating a live commentary in Chandana, Prasarabharthi National TV channels in India in the recent past. I have to admit though that I am not as active in acting as I was then because of other priorities in life… But anytime there is an opportunity, I won't let it go.

- What do you most enjoy about acting? 

Acting itself is my passion and so there is nothing specific in it that I enjoy the most. I enjoy every kind of role I am in to, and try my best to do justice to it.

- How does it feel like to act now, in Helsinki, in this beautiful production? 
- I was introduced to "Ek Kahani" by my wife. She convinced me to take part in it, and once we began the script writing, rehearsals, planning etc. I really started to enjoy it. It feels great to be a part of it. As I mentioned, it is always a pleasure to perform and I am very thankful to my wife for getting me in to it.

- You play the character of Amit, a young Indian man who comes to Finland for work and encounters many cultural shocks. Can you relate to the feelings the foreigners go through in the play?

- I am here with my family since 2008, then there was gap of about a year and we came back in 2010. And because I was here before for short visits for business meetings, I learned quite a few things about the place and it was easier to bring my family along. Touch wood - this country has been very welcoming to us, people have been sweet and no drunkard has bumped in so far in an embarrassing or scary way (unlike in Ek Kahani's railway station scene!)

- My must-ask question to all non-Finns: do you like snow? :) 
- I do like snow but definitely not as much as my wife and Gubbi (my elder daughter) likes it
- What do you miss most about your home country India? 

- I miss my mom the most and of course our home.

- What else do you do in life; what are your favorite things, your hobbies, and your dreams? 

- I like to sing, act, and I am trying my hands on dancing too, to accompany my wife :) I have a dream to set up my own recording studio! Someday, maybe… And I want to learn Finnish. But truly my biggest dream is to see my kids prosper and be successful in life.

- Anything else you'd like to say?

- What is to happen, that is to happen...! (laugh)

Interviewer: Laura Kunnas